Fire Protection

Our fire protection engineering includes - fire coating, fire board, fire doors, fire dampers and other fire protection products.

We provide construction, installation and maintenance and other services with the collaboration of well-known brands, including: Promat Fire Protection Board, FIRECUT FM-900 Intumescent Coating, Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 Water Based Intumescent Coating, Tanda Fire Protection System, ....


False Ceiling and Partitions

In accordance with the actual situation of providing customers with engineering design, materials and installation service package

Floor Coating

Easy Smart joints cooperation with Cobest Construction Chemicals Ltd in developing floor paint market for Hong Kong and China.  

Target range include parking, warehouses, public facilities airports and other projects

Air Grille System design and build

The overall design of Air Grille systems,  in order to achieve the best results.


We are the most environmentally friendly way to provide customers with roof and exterior wall waterproofing materials and construction

Retail Business

Easy Smart has venture into the development of building materials with show office situated in Prince Edward District. Our shop carries a wide range of tiles and sanitary ware, offering more comprehensive service.

Address: Prince Edward District, Ground Floor, 1 Cedar Street, Kowloon , Hong Kong