Vision & Mission 

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in providing efficient, professional and quality engineering services.

Our Mission

Easy Smart has a mission to understand customer needs and provide best products and services to customers. We strive our best to maintain long term relationship with customers.  We are committed to provide excellent products and services, bringing in overwhelming competitive edge to customer and business partners.

Easy Smart group was founded in 2000, specialized in fire protection material and building engineering. We have now become one of the most powerful fire engineering companies in Hong Kong engineering sector.

The business scope includes different types of fire resistance coating, fire board, fire doors, fire dampers, fire prevention materials and engineering support, providing the most professional, high-level products and services for the industry.

Easy Smart is continuously moving forward by introducing and launching the latest and most comprehensive product lines. We are now expanding businesses to a wide variety of professional areas, including:

1) Fire protection material and related building engineering,
2) Ceilings and Partitions and related building engineering,
3) Air Grille system design and related building engineering,




With years of high quality business management and business expansions, taking the advantage of Hong Kong, an international city with unique geographical location; Easy Smart successfully established strategic partnerships with large corporations worldwide since 2004:

1) Lloyd U.S.A  ---  co-develop fire and smoke resistance ventilation system Production lines have been set up in Danshui Guangdong, for distribution to South East Asia.

2) Peacock Paint  ---  co-operate in developing Hong Kong and China Floor Paint market.

3) Tanda  ---  co-operate in developing different series of fire protection products. Production lines have been set up in Guangzhou and Zhaoqing for South East sales market.

We are continuously building up new partnership opportunities and we strive to develop better business in Hong Kong and China Market.